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    Keeping the Lights on in the Greater Tyler and Longview, TX Area!

    Changing a light bulb is easy (despite all the jokes). But replacing a fixture or rewiring an installation in your Tyler and Longview, TX home because the first person who tried it didn’t do a good job? That’s a much more difficult task. Dynamic Electricians can do all of that for you and more. As master electricians, we know a thing or two about lighting.

    Fixture Installation

    Different lighting tasks require different kinds of lights. Cozy livingoom lights require a nice drop light or chandelier, while your kitchen benefits from recessed can lights or fluorescents.

    The garage may look great with fluorescent high bays, but as soon as you move into a hallway or the dining room you’ll want to upgrade to pendant lights and sconces for atmosphere and less of the harsh-white “work lighting.”

    Whatever kind of fixture or light you need, we’ll deliver. While incandescent light bulbs are still common in the US, many homes are transitioning to more energy efficient forms of lighting. These new lights come with additional requirements. Fluorescent bays, of course, require ballasts with specific specifications to support the lights you use. LEDs require specific drivers as well. While many new LEDs and CFLs are designed to be socketed right in, not all are. We know the difference and can help you out.

    So whether you need a new fixture because of a remodeling project, or you’re designing a new home or addition and want some trendier fixtures in your home, we can help with that. After all, we know lights.

    Lighting Services of Dynamic Electricians:

    • Incandescent Fixtures
    • Remote and Wall Switches
    • Lamps and Wall Lights
    • LED Lighting
    • Fluorescent Lighting and Ballasts
    • Pendant Lights
    • Chandeliers
    • Recessed Lighting and Bays
    • Can Lights
    • Smart Lighting Control Systems
    • Ceiling Fans

    Whatever you need, just call Dynamic Electricians at 903-452-2029, we’ll get the lights working!