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    Dynamic Electricians: Lighting Homes in the Greater Tyler and Longview, TX Area

    There are many reasons to set up lights outside your Tyler and Longview, TX home; safety, security, and beauty are three of the most common. Each type and style of lighting requires different fixtures and often different light sources as well. Dynamic Electricians has experience working with all kinds of lights whether they’re incandescent, fluorescent, LED or HID, we’ve repaired or installed it.

    Safety Lighting is usually found in the form of path lights leading from a driveway or sidewalk up to the door of the home. Path lights also find use in the back yard or in gardens running along walkways and paving stones. They can be set up for aesthetics or designed solely as utilitarian guideways in the dark. Step lights are lights above the door and are also common safety lights.

    Security Lighting consists of automatic, high intensity flood lights used to illuminate driveways, garages, and the front yard. The goal of a security light is to be active when someone is nearby, whether or not that person wants a light present. Placing a security light fixture can be tricky since you don’t want the light to bleed through into your neighbors’ windows.

    Landscape Lights are used to highlight and accent elements of your yard, patio, and house for aesthetic beauty at night. Warmer color lights, usually in the form of shaped up-lights flood the intended object with light, helping it to stand out in the darkness.

    Electrical Wiring

    Most outdoor lights are designed to function on 12 to 24 volts for safety reasons. Security lights and HID flood lights operate on a much higher voltage, and those cables should be clearly marked and buried deep in the earth.

    The reason for using 12-24 volt surface or near-surface wiring is electrical safety. Yard equipment or general gardening has a tendency to run into outdoor lighting cables, and low-voltage wiring is safer than standard line- or high-voltage wires.

    Outdoor Lighting Services:

    • Incandescent, Fluorescent, HID, and LED Lights
    • Outdoor Sconces and Patio Ceiling Fans
    • Security Lights
    • Path Lights
    • Step Lights
    • Pool Lights

    Dark Night Sky Compatible Lighting

    Light pollution is a major problem in populated areas. If you’re installing light outdoors, it’s best to purchase a Dark Night Sky rated fixture. Or you can ask a Dynamic Electricians technician about how best to avoid light pollution at night, for prettier starry nights.

    Call today for the best in outdoor lighting! Contact Dynamic Electricians at 903-452-2029.