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    Repair, Maintenance, and Installation in the Greater Tyler and Longview, TX Area

    Outlets and switches are how we interact with electricity on a daily basis. Whether you’re using an electric weed eater in the yard, a computer in your office, or simple a ceiling light for reading in the living room, a wall switch or outlet is used at some point. Ensuring that these outlets in your Tyler and Longview, TX home are nearby, functional, and safe is the duty of every technician at Dynamic Electricians.

    Code Requirements

    The National Electric Code (NEC) requires homes to have an outlet no more than six feet from any point the room. This is for convenience, and to reduce the number of power strips and lengths of required cables to reach devices.

    Of course, any room with running water or access to water sources (kitchens, bathrooms, garages) is required to have a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) installed in the outlet for the sake of safety.

    If you feel your home isn’t up to code on this, or that the GFCI installed into your outlet isn’t working, then call your friends at Dynamic Electricians, we’ll be out right away to inspect and help resolve the problem.

    Installation and Repairs

    When installing a new addition to your home, a new electrical circuit, or simply replacing a bad electrical outlet, we can help. We know outlets and switches. It’s a simple task for us to run a new electrical line to expand the number of outlets in a room, relocate an outlet or switch to make it more easily accessible, or to replace a damaged outlet.

    Sometimes you’ll want to increase the number of wall switches in a room, especially if the room is a traffic room with two entrances. Installing a multi-state wall switch can be complicated and we’ll get it right every time.

    Replacing old or damaged outlets and switches is essential as well. You’ll want to replace them if:

    • The switch no longer works
    • Plugs fall out of sockets or are no longer held in place
    • There is a burning smell when the outlet or switch is active
    • You feel any kind of electric shock from the screw, plate, or switch
    • The switch plate or outlet face cover feel warm to the touch when in use

    If any of these are the case, you’ll want to have your outlet or wall switch inspected or replaced immediately.

    Upgrades and Smart Devices

    Over time, newer technologies have been released that improve the usability of these traditional electrical devices. If you’d like to upgrade to electrical outlets with built-in USB ports, or wall switches with remote controls or smart controls, we can help you find and install the new features.

    Remember Dynamic Electricians for all your service, installation, and repair work when it comes to electrical outlets and switches. Call us today at 903-452-2029.